OCEANERA-NET COFUND final conference at Seanergy 2022

It was a pleasure to present the EVOLVE project during the OCEANERA-NET COFUND final conference that took place in Le Havre, Normandy, France during the Seanergy 2022 conference.

We had the opportunity to present EVOLVE to an European audience, composed of companies, institutions and support organisations during the plenary session, and also to take part in a round table session with other OCEANERA-NET project coordinators.

Organised by Bluesign since 2016, Seanergy is one of the leading international events dedicated to Offshore Renewable Energy, held in a different French city every year. Seanergy brings together more than 3,500 international players (politicians, technological experts, NGOs, researchers, investors, and subcontractors) around an exhibition area gathering +200 exhibitors from around the world, industrial and technical talks & presentations, business meetings, pitches and workshops on specific topics related to blue growth economy.

The event showcases the offshore renewable energy industry by covering all types of technologies: fixed and floating wind power, tidal energy, wave energy, marine thermal energy, floating solar, salinity gradients energy and related industries such as energy storage or maritime transport.

Evolve presentation at Seanergy
Presentation of the Evolve project during the Oceanera-net final event at Seanergy 2022